Eden goes final, and so have we!


TeamXBMC released the 11.0 version of XBMC codenamed Eden over the weekend, and upon return to the office on Monday we’ve been working on getting our PVR builds out, we are pleased to announce that Windows, Linux and Mac (OSX) binaries are now available for download at our packages website

With the 11.0 release of XBMC, this marks our first official stable builds, from here on we will not officially be releasing interim builds of Frodo (TeamXBMC’s next release v12) instead we will improve upon Eden with features, addons and code enhancements which will be ported into the official repository.

To make it clear, we are not forking, we are just choosing to improve upon a stable base with more stable fixes. We hope you enjoy and any questions please ask on our forums or here!


14 Responses to “Eden goes final, and so have we!”

  1. 1 Frank

    Thanks, I really appreciate your efforts. Please keep up the good work!

  2. 2 Radek

    Hello I like it, what about linux mint codename lisa – it is binary compatible with ubuntu oneiric – it shares repositories also… but DISTRIB_CODENAME=lisa

    • We don’t officially support Mint yet, but everything is there for you to manually install if you can figure out how

  3. 4 michael7oliver

    Does this include the openELEC + pulse PVR builds?

  4. 6 gianfranco

    installed XBMCbuntu in day-one and soon pvr package by pulse8…work very well.
    Now i see in the website a new Latest version: 11.0-pvr build73
    How can i update? sorry i’m a linux-world newby 😀

  5. When Frodo goes final will you start releasing on that ?

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