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Due to the ever-increasing demand for our USB – CEC Adapter we ran out of stock earlier this month, we’ve managed to get a small batch made quickly although over a 1/3rd are already gone with back orders. Get yours quick before they are sold out! Advertisements

We understand times are hard and everyone wants a HTPC, we can’t help everyone but we can make it easier for 100 lucky people. We are making 50 of each of our PulseBox Barebone systems available at a huge discount, The PulseBox – Basic,  Originally £179.99 / €215.99 / $287.98  is now only £139.99 / €167.99 / […]

Pulse-Eight is proud to announce the latest release of libCEC, version 1.6.1 is the culmination of our hard work over the last several months to implement wake-on-usb functionality to the USB-CEC Adapter, with this change, you are now able to wake (and possibly) boot your HTPC from the source menu in your TV. This now […]

Shipping Costs


If you’ve been worried over the past 24 hours at our prohibitive shipping costs, fear not, this is now resolved and ground shipping is once again available, if you had thought about making a purchase but was put off by the Courier option, please try again 🙂

We are proud to announce that we have recently joined the HDMI Forum, joining a body of industry peers to help design the next version of the HDMI specification, including CEC, we are very proud to have been accepted into the Forum and we are already hard at work with everyone else for the next […]

Our friends over at AnandTech have published their review of the Motorola NYXBoard Hybrid, and from what we can tell they rather like it! We continue to get industry critics to review our products and share them here.  If you have the NYXBoard Hybrid already then why don’t you post your own review on our […]