Building your new HTPC?, we have some savings for you!


We understand times are hard and everyone wants a HTPC, we can’t help everyone but we can make it easier for 100 lucky people. We are making 50 of each of our PulseBox Barebone systems available at a huge discount,

The PulseBox – Basic,  Originally £179.99 / €215.99 / $287.98  is now only £139.99 / €167.99 / $223.98 that’s a massive saving of over 22%

Equally spectacular is the PulseBox – Premium, Originally £239.99 / €287.99 / $383.98  its now down to £174.99 / €209.99 / $279.98 and even more impressive 27% off

Once they are gone, we’re back to our original price, of course, if you choose to install PulseOS on your PulseBox you can enjoy our fantastic support and latest XBMC features

You can grab one by going to this link here


5 Responses to “Building your new HTPC?, we have some savings for you!”

  1. 1 Harley

    This is still with the ‘older’ AMD Fusion E350 CPU/GPU right?

    Here is for hoping that the next one will at least have a AMD Fusion E450

    or better yet a NVIDIA GeForce 520 with Intel Atom combo 🙂

    NVIDIA GeForce 520 does have THE best video decoder there is today 😉

    • We have no plans as yet to switch away from the E350 we use, quite frankly XBMC doesn’t need more power than it gives, why not just end up with a cheaper HTPC system?

      • 3 Harley

        E350 does not support 1080p 3D at full Blu-ray spec. that is all.

        So if you do not want 3D at 1080p then E350 is all you need :/

        Nvidia GeForce GT 520 features PureVideo VP5 that supports 4K resolution / QFHD video decoding at up to 3840 x 2160 pixels , and H.264 MVC (Multiview Video Coding) at stereoscopic resolutions up to 1080p24/1080i30, allowing complete acceleration of Blu-ray 3D video

        That is something that E350 does not feature.

        Cheap is good, but might be good with one premium model that at least supports 1080p 3D even if it cost a little bit more.

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