USB – CEC Adapter back in stock


Due to the ever-increasing demand for our USB – CEC Adapter we ran out of stock earlier this month, we’ve managed to get a small batch made quickly although over a 1/3rd are already gone with back orders. Get yours quick before they are sold out!


10 Responses to “USB – CEC Adapter back in stock”

  1. 1 Harley

    Does all of these already have the V2 Firmware flashed?

  2. 3 Lou

    Any idea when the internal HDMI-CEC board for the DH61AG will be available?

    • End of May(ish) the boards are being fabricated now

      • 5 zhir

        Well, June is here already.
        When will we see the internal version?
        Also, any list of compatible mobos for it (besides the Intel ones) ?

        • Soon™ 🙂

          Intel are the only company that provide this header at this time

          • 7 zhir

            But there’s a problem: if I eventually put a discrete graphic card in one of those mobos, will the internal “htpc header” still be of any use, or will I be forced to use the external CEC adapter?
            Does that mean that the internal version not only works exclusively with intel mobos, but only works when using the intel GPU?

  3. 8 Nicola

    is it possible to play 3D videos if I’ll put USB–CEC Adapter between HTPC and TV connection (I’ll must use two HDMI cables 1.4)?

    • You will need to use HDMI 1.4 cables (the short cable we ship is not 1.4 certified) but the device itself will not cause any issues

      • 10 Nicola

        Great! In reality I did not know it was sold with an HDMI cable.


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