Internal CEC, it’s coming!


It’s been a while since we’ve had news about our latest product, our Internal CEC Adapter is due to become available for pre-order on Monday, we are expecting stock to arrive with us early July later than we had originally hoped, however we have had various technical hurdles to overcome in terms of sourcing some parts.

Thankfully this is all sorted and we are confident you will enjoy it. This adapter is designed to work only with the following motherboards at this time:

Intel DH61AG

Intel DH77DF

Intel DN2800MT

Retail price is £19.99 / $29.99 / 24.99 Euro and will ship with the adapter, an internal wiring cable to connect it to the motherboard and an adhesive pad to secure the adapter to the case.


8 Responses to “Internal CEC, it’s coming!”

  1. 1 pszab

    Congratulations guys!
    Do you know about any plan for amd motherboard with this internal cec pins? Zotac, Asrock, etc?
    Brazos, Llano, Trinity htpc would be good with this 😀

    • We should have more news for Zotac in the coming weeks

      • 3 pszab

        I very hope all of the mItx ‘htpc’ motherboards will be designed with this pins in the future.
        I am looking forward to hear about that news 😀

      • 4 zhir

        Great news! I trust Zotac’s support more than intel mobo’s support.
        Eventually, they should end up integrating the adapter inside the mobo’s plane, to appear seamlessly as a USB device, with no need to expose any pin at all.
        Sadly, I guess that if I add a graphic card, the mobo’s CEC pins become useless?

        • True, however for a HTPC this is a pointless addition (a separate graphics card) and these motherboards are ultra low profile boards.

          However you could still connect the HDMI cable from the onboard graphics to the Amp along with the extra graphics card and get CEC functionality although it would be a mess to configure!

      • 6 zhir

        Any news about non-intel mobos with internal HDMI-CEC ?

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