Pre-order now! – Internal HDMI-CEC Adapter


Pulse-Eight is pleased to announce its newest product, our Internal HDMI-CEC Adapter for Intel motherboards featuring the HTPC Header (or Custom Solutions Header)

Currently 3 released mainboard models support this header with more due out later this year, these are the DH61AG, DH77DF and DN2800MT if you have one of these boards and you are using it in a HTPC or Digital Signage setting, this is an idea addition to your setup!

We are currently taking pre-orders and expect to ship on or before the 16th of July 2012, our initial run size is limited so pre-order early to ensure you will receive one on launch day!


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  1. 1 zhir

    I hope this is the next one to support it :

  2. 2 Lou

    Intel DQ77KB will work too. The only difference is they changed up the header, combining pins for other functions as well. FF on this diagram

    Table 36. Custom Solutions Header
    Pin Signal Name
    1 Prog_LED
    2 Ground
    3 Key (no pin)
    4 SMB_CLK
    5 +3.3 VSB
    6 SMB_Data
    7 PWRBT#
    8 HDM CEC
    9 +5 VSB
    10 No Connection
    11 USB+
    12 USB−
    14 WDTO#/GPIO


    I’m not sure of your method for connecting it to the original HTPC header, but if it uses a ribbon cable another cable could be made for their new Custom Soultions Header.

    I have this motherboard, and just preordered the Internal HDMI-CEC Adapter

    • We have this board as well, the extra pins are at our request 🙂 and we will be shipping a different cable pack for this board in the near future (although not at launch) the change is minor, our first version cable is going to be the original custom solutions header (HTPC Header) plus a 4 pin usb cable to connect elsewhere on the board, later we will offer this in a merged configuration where you can rearrange the pins to suit.

      • 4 Lou

        I assume you’re going to combine the usb connection into the one cable that goes to the Custom Solutions Header, since the usb pins are there, and you specifically mentioned the 2 cables for the launch version 🙂

        Is there anyway to get a beta cable for the DQ77KB w/ my order? lol 🙂

        I wish intel used the normal size headers that are common for usb, com ports, ect, instead of those smaller versions they do for the HTPC header and the Custom Solutions Header. It would be easier to make my own. I also have a DH61AG, and jury-rigged header doesn’t fit too well. Is there a specific place I could get the connectors with the tighter pin spacing for those headers?

        • The standard / normal you refer to is the common 2.54mm pitch header, due to a lack of board footprint they went down to a 2.00mm pitch header and it caused us some problems also, if you wanted to make your own cable then you can do it pretty easily, just goto somewhere like or and look for the parts, but you will need a crimp tool to do it properly and they are not cheap….

    • 6 zhir

      Pitty the DQ77KB uses an external PSU brick… 😦
      In my view, if you use an external PSU, you can just as well use an external HDMI-CEC adapter. The point of the internal adapter is to achieve the all-in-one HTPC black box, with just an HDMI cable and a power cable. 🙂

      • Well the internal adapter has a benefit over the external in that it can boot the PC from cold, the external adapter cannot do this

        • 8 zhir

          I was completely unaware of that !!!
          How will that be achieved? Using the mobo’s power switch pin?

      • 9 Lou

        I love the fact that the DQ77KB and the DH61AG offer the option to power their systems by a power brick. I don’t think it’s the same as have an external dongle hanging in between your hdmi connections. Have a power brick means there isn’t a huge internal PSU inside your case, and it a lot of smaller cases this is needed.

        Take a look at my little project I started here:

        It’s now up and running w/ 4 x 3.5″ HD’s, a mSATA SSD for the OS, all off the power brick. I’m going to mod in a slot for a ceton tuner soon too I think 🙂

  3. 10 Alex Pesta

    You can also power both the DQ77 and the DH61 with an internal power adapter of 19 volts, although the information about this is very small.

  4. 11 zhir

    Is the internal adapter supported on the Intel DH77EB mobo ?

    • 12 Alex Pesta

      I don’t think so, by looking at the layout I don’t see the HTPC header.

  1. 1 Pulse8 Internal CEC Adapter an DQ77KB

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