libCEC v1.7 now available


We are pleased to announce our latest update to libCEC our USB – CEC Adapter, this update brings a raft of bug fixes and enhancements, most notable is our automatic Physical Address detection for AMD based graphics cards.

In a nut shell this means seemless and automatic use with no config required for AMD users. We are hoping to bring this zero config feature to Intel and nVidia users in a near future update.

We are still marching towards our Windows Media Centre support and have a beta in testing, we hope to have this released in the near future


12 Responses to “libCEC v1.7 now available”

  1. What’s about the ability to wakeup a Windows machine via CEC-Adapter?

    • That’s been possible for some time! If you have difficulty making this work email our support team

  2. 3 David

    Are the distributed feature in there that makes it possible to have multipel clients running no one hardware?

    • If you mean the server – client model to allow multiple applications to control the CEC bus at the same time, no, this isn’t finished yet

  3. 5 nicolas

    When is eventghost support planed?

    In fact I would like to use my htpc to control my TV (volume control, automatic source change to hdmi when i start my htpc and to tuner when i shut it off so that the next time I start my tv it start on tuner)

  4. 6 krka01

    I can’t get the ability to wakeup windows (64 bit) to work and a lot of people on the forums have reported the same issue. I reported this problem both on the forums an also as a email to the support team (case 765) on April 27:th. Sadly i havn’t got any respons at all, exept when i noticed someone had closed the case and i reopened it and got a respons that this case was merged with another case and pulse-eight was investigated the issue.

    The people on the forum, including me, that have reported the same issue have no problem to wakeup the windows box with another USB device, it is only the cec-adapter that fails to do so.

    So the question is: are pulse-eight consider this to be an issue or not?

  5. 8 Sean

    Is it possible to get in on the Windows Media Center Beta or is it in house only?

  6. 11 Harley

    Does upstream mainline / head of XBMC Frodo support libCEC v1.7 yet? 🙂

    Or will it be merged soon? or do you need to use Pulse-Eight’s own builds?

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