libCEC 1.7.1 Released


We are pleased to announce our latest update to libCEC, building on the changes in 1.7 we have now addressed a couple of issues users found in 1.7 and added additional support:


  • We now detect the following additional vendors, Akai, AOC, Benq, Daewoo, Grundig, Medion, Sharp and Vizio
  • For Panasonic customers we now tell the TV to send us the Guide, Text, STTL, Program Up and Program Down keys, this is useful if you are using the PVR build of XBMC
  • For developers we have added a callback for clients that is called when a source is (de)activated, so the client can respond to this action.


  • Windows builds could get stuck in a loop if there was an error reading the registry
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the player not going into standby mode when the TV goes into standby
  • Addressed an issue where Vanilla Eden XBMC users could not upgrade to the latest version of libCEC
  • Panasonic customers should connect to the adapter faster than before.
  • Improved the size of libCEC binary by changing the way we link to dependencies.

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