libCEC Windows Media Centre Beta – (Use your CEC Adapter with WMC!)


You heard it right, we’ve got a beta available for Windows Media Centre support, if you want to use WMC with our adapter, now you can, email us at to signup and we will send you a link to the download and how you can feedback your experience.

This update is and will be free for everyone and we hope it will be released fully in the next few weeks.


11 Responses to “libCEC Windows Media Centre Beta – (Use your CEC Adapter with WMC!)”

  1. 1 Lou

    I sent in an email the 1st day this blog entry was posted, but never got a response back. Did the beta start yet?

    • Hi Lou,

      I checked my mailbox, and didn’t find any email that matches your name. Could you please send another email, or mail me directly, and I’ll provide the instructions.

      sorry for the trouble

      • 3 Lou

        I just forwarded my original message to the email address in the blog entry above. Hopefully you get it this time. I’d have CC’d it to you too, but I don’t know what your direct email address is.

  2. I also sent a request for a beta and have not seen a response

    • 5 opdenkamp

      Hi Randy,

      according to our mail logs, we received your email around 3AM, and it got replied as one of the first things in the morning, around 10AM. Didn’t you receive any reply yet?


      • No, I just went back and looked in my email junk box.

        • 7 opdenkamp

          Hi Randy,

          I’ve just sent you another email with instructions.


  3. 8 Mike

    is the signup for the wmc beta still open? i emailed but it got kicked back.

    • we’ve been moving mail servers and this address got lost, it’s fixed now and we are still accepting testers

  4. I have tested this on Win 7 and when I open libCECTray it fails as soon as it launches. Have you updated the version recently so I can test another version?

    • 11 Sean

      The same thing happened to me. Funny enough I was able to run libcectray on my other Win 7 machine and it worked. What hardware is your computer (maybe there’s a similarity between us)?

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