libCEC 1.8.1 released


Another update of libCEC has just been released. You can download or upgrade your copy from This release fixes a couple of issues that were reported after the previous release:

  • wake from S3 sometimes didn’t work when used with certain brands
  • some buttons weren’t activated when switching to another source and switching back to XBMC later
  • some devices didn’t switch to the correct source after powering them up

We’ve also added two new features to XBMC:

  • XBMC will pause playback when you switch to another source, and resume playback when switching back. If you don’t like this behaviour, then you can disable this in system -> input devices -> peripherals -> CEC adapter -> pause playback when switching to another source
  • XBMC’s screensaver will be woken up when making XBMC active, so you don’t switch to a black screen.

The last update is a firmware upgrade, which will make libCEC communicate more reliably with the adapter. The upgrade is optional, but all users are advised to upgrade.

  • To update to new revision of the v2 firmware on Windows, please download and run firmware-v2-2-8-2012.exe
  • On Ubuntu, you can download and run . Then open a terminal window, and type “sudo cec-firmware-upgrade”
CEC adapter

Our USB-CEC Adapter


10 Responses to “libCEC 1.8.1 released”

  1. 1 typhoe


    can I offer a suggestion?

    Would it be possible to offer cec-firmware-updater for openelec builds?
    Ether as a binary in the builds or as an addon package?

    For now, when I want to update, I have to unhook the usb-cec adapter from my install to plug it on an other computer (there’s only openelec on my media center, no windows or ubuntu install).
    It would be so much easier to be able to upgrage it directly…

    That doesn’t seem to be a priority, but that would be far much user friendly 😉

    And again, thank you for your work!

    • That’s not possible currently, because the firmware can’t be upgraded while the adapter is in use and XBMC is started right away on OpenELEC. I’ve created a feature request ticket for this, but can’t give you an ETA on this yet.

  2. 3 typhoe


    nice to know that maybe it will possible one day 🙂

  3. 4 Troels

    Thank god, hope this fixes my S3 problems

    • 5 opdenkamp

      Hi Troels,

      if you’re still having problems after this upgrade, please send an email to, so we can get the issue fixed for you.


  4. 6 hiswif


    This works great on RPi and my LG 42PQ6000. So thanks for this.
    The only thing that doesn’t work is to going back with the “return” button. So how can I enable the return funktion to going back in menu ore something else?


    TV: LG 42PQ6000 Plasma
    Device: Raspberry Pi from farnell
    System: Openelec r11848

    Thanks for your work.


    • LG devices don’t support this key over CEC

      • 8 hiswif

        Ok thank you.
        So i have to find another solution to going back.

        • 9 Dorijan

          Yes…I am also very interested in this…any other combination of keys would work…or does anyone know how to remap other keys to back?

          • 10 opdenkamp

            here’s a github issue that describes the problem and solution. the solution will be included in the next libCEC update

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