libCEC 1.9.0 released


Another update of our libCEC library has just been released. The focus for this development cycle was a problem with the wake-on-CEC feature on systems without any keyboard attached. A bug in the operating system prevented the system from waking from standby mode when it wasn’t signaled to do so by a keyboard or mouse. That’s why we’ve released a new firmware for beta testing. More on that below.

Other than support for the new firmware, this libCEC update fixes a couple of minor issues that were reported by users, and it handles a new callback from the Raspberry Pi’s firmware, that informs us that we need to re-allocate the address on the CEC bus.

You can find the full details in the changelog.

Beta firmware

This firmware upgrade will add a virtual mouse to the system, so the system no longer thinks that there is none connected and won’t ignore the wake signal anymore. As this changes how the device is “seen” by the system, the device ID needed to be changed too. This means that XBMC won’t detect the device with this new firmware version, unless it’s been upgraded to the latest version from our packages site!

To update to the latest revision of the v2 firmware, please download it here and install the latest version of XBMC from our website

For Ubuntu the firmware upgrade can be found on our testing PPA. Download and execute “bash testing”. Next run “sudo apt-get install cec-firmware-upgrade && sudo cec-firmware-upgrade”

Right now our firmware updating system is only available for Windows and for Ubuntu, so please transfer your adapter to a Windows PC to perform the update.


9 Responses to “libCEC 1.9.0 released”

  1. 1 Harley

    Any chance of you working with NXP and/or SolidRun for CuBox libCEC support?

    You worked with Raspberry Pi and CuBox is a similar development HW.

    However many other HW than SolidRun also use NXP chips for HDMI CEC!

  2. 5 Yusaku

    please update the readme to note that DDK is now required for windows build – it would save me some time (I know, my bad for not looking at changelog…)

  3. 7 Morfsta

    Is it possible to provide a tool that downgrades back to the previous firmware please? I’m struggling with compatibility with libcec 2 and I can’t now downgrade to a version with recognisable USB Device ID as the previoust firmware installers themselves check for this!

    • 8 opdenkamp

      The new firmware version is supported by libCEC 1.9+, so you could downgrade to 1.9 if you’re having problems. libCEC 2.0.2 builds can be found on our packages site later today, which resolves the issues that were reported for 2.0.1.

      In order to downgrade the firmware, start cec-client, enter “bl” and press enter. Now you can run any firmware upgrade version you like. I’ll update the build of the previous firmware version, so it’ll detect the new device id’s too.

      • 9 Morfsta

        Thanks for such a quick reply and for your help! If you could let me know when the build of the previous firmware has been updated I’d appreciate it. Many thanks

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