We’re having a sale!


Between now at the end of November you can pick up our PulseBox Barebone chassis for £89.99 or £114.99 for the premium, build your own HTPC in time for Christmas with our barebones and take advantage of our tailored OpenELEC build called “Pulse

While you’re at it, why not complete the system and use our Bluetooth Micro Keyboard for just £19.99! and for a limited time our CEC Adapter is on sale at just £27.99

We have a limit stock available at this price so hurry, if you’re in the UK, shipping is free, or £7.99 if you order a PulseBox!


6 Responses to “We’re having a sale!”

  1. 1 tony

    Awesome, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a barebones box for a while now but this sale makes it a no-brainer. Quick question though, will it support a 3.5″ Hard Disk?

  2. 3 tonydayuk

    This makes justifying a purchase that much easier! Quick question though, does the box support a 3.5″ HD?

  3. 4 skunkfu

    Dammit men reduce the remote price as well and I will buy it, among others!

    • Sadly that not product is not in our sale this month. Maybe soon 🙂 Today is our last day of the sale!

  4. 6 Starman

    ah dammit – missed the sale by 24 hours!

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