XBMC 12 and CEC


With XBMC 12 (Frodo) now out and available, we have improved our direct integration with the official releases, libCEC 2.0.4 is provided as standard as part of the compiled binaries and will give you wide range support for your CEC enabled TV and Amplifier. We are currently busily working behind the scenes developing new features and integrating libCEC into our new TVonics range of set top boxes, we hope to have these available within the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone who has provided bug reporting feedback to libCEC and continues to do so, we take on board all of the reports and have integrated fixes into our next build due out soon.


7 Responses to “XBMC 12 and CEC”

  1. 1 MartinOnline

    Are you talking about a software upgrade applicable to all the existing TVonics HD500, Z500HD and HV250 models or are you intending to launch a new model?

    MartinOnline (from the Pulse-Eight Tvonics Forum)

  2. Do you have a rough date when XBMC 12 will be released for the PulseBox ?

  3. 5 Harley

    Are you also working on any new TVonics boxes with XBMC support?

    Maybe Android or Linux and a fully open source platform like Pivos?

  4. FYI: The usual Fedora 3rd party package repositories now offer libcec 2.0.5 and xbmc 12.0 (working together more or less out of the box) for Fedora 18.

  5. 7 MIchele

    Hi, does the Pulse-Eight flavour of XBMC add other improvements to the official 12, or is it all about libCEC? Do you plan to add more within the Frodo lifetime?

    Thanks for your great work

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