USB-CEC Adapter now available at


Being based in the UK brings lots of benefits, but not for our US customers who unfortunately get lumbered with higher than desirable shipping fees, to combat this, we’ve teamed up with to offer our USB-CEC Adapter direct in the US, if you use Super Saver Shipping it’s FREE! Please let us know how you find this service and we will look at introducing more of our products to the marketplace. You can pick up one of our adapters by following this link


2 Responses to “USB-CEC Adapter now available at”

  1. 1 Joey

    I got my hopes up for a moment. But sadly the markup at Amazon is almost as high as the UK shipping charges. In the end, we’re only saving a buck.

    If the Amazon price was closer to your price, this would be a good deal. 😦

    • Actually that’s not correct, because Customs Import duties are not included when you order from Pulse-Eight UK,

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