BBC iPlayer issue – Now Resolved


We are pleased to report the issue concerning BBC iPlayer and no sound has now been resolved in the DTR-Z500HD and DTR-HD500 units, sadly we are unable to resolve the issue if it is affecting the DTR-HV250.

You can receive a firmware update via the Internet Software Upgrade option on your TVonics box, press MENU, then Service, and select Internet Software Update.


37 Responses to “BBC iPlayer issue – Now Resolved”

  1. I have the DTR-HD500. Forced firmware upgrade won’t work. The box seems to think it already has the latest software, even though it hasn’t.

  2. 5 Andy

    I’ve not yet tested but will as soon as I’m home. This has been one thing that’s been letting down an otherwise excellent device and its great you’ve found a fix.

    Thank you very much for persevering to resolve this. It’s really appreciated! I had given up hope on this ever being sorted out.

  3. 6 andymedcraft

    Well just downloaded the update as the box very kindly told me there was an update to fix the BBC iPlayer sound issue. It started downloading and got to 100% and then again very kindly told me there was no update available! Tried this process 4 times and then gave up. Still no sound on iplayer, still not resolved.

    • What model do you have? what firmware does the unit now say it has?

      • 8 andymedcraft

        I have no idea. Its Friday night and I really can’t be mithered with it right now. Thanks for your quick reply and I’ll message back over the weekend at some point when I have more patience.


      • 10 EdS

        I have exactly the same problem:
        Model: DTR-HD500
        Hardware Version: Rev_B2
        Software Version: V2.0.A1868.D330.F100

        • 11 EdS

          And I get the same message doing a USB upgrade (“No upgrade available”)

      • 12 andymedcraft

        Model: dtr-hd500
        Hardware version: rev_b2
        Software version: v2.0.A1868.D330.F100
        Serial number: TVBHD10007393


  4. 13 patrick robinson

    Thanks pluse-eight/bbc worked after software download very pleased

  5. 14 martin

    Thanks and well done fixing the software.. Good stuff.
    Regards, Martin

  6. 15 Paul Mac

    Does this update work for a pre pulse eight model?
    Internet software update returns no update available on my DTR-Z500HD running V3.0.A2227.D369.F102. It looks on which resolves to the same IP as pulse-eight.

    • the update server will return yes to an update if the Axxxx bit does not equal 2950, so not sure whats up there, are you sure your a DTR-Z500HD and not a DTR-Z500? have you tried manually installing from the downloads section of the product page?

      • 17 Paul Mac

        Definitely the HD.I hadn’t tried the download; I have now – successfully.
        Many thanks for the fix, the prompt reply and being the first company I have dealt with since digital TV began that actually fixed a problem rather than leaving me to purchase yet more boxes!

  7. 18 Gscott

    My tv onics hd500,will not upgrade to resolve I-player sound problem

    • We have just updated the update service, so that it will provide an incremental update, allowing you to hopefully apply the main iPlayer update binary. You will need to update twice for this to work.

  8. 21 Barry

    I have carried out the 2 updates which seemed to work OK. However, when I pressed the red button, the I player option was not there. We have the longer more powerful dongle. Does that matter?

    • You may need to reconnect to the wifi

      • 23 Barry

        No, I only had to turn the unit off to re boot and now all is well. As an earlier person said, It is great that you have taken the to time to help us all.

  9. 24 Richard Tubridy

    Player and 4OD.Thanks to the Pulse Eight team for finally resolving the BBC iPlayer issue. My TVOnics HD500 works fine now and the software update was automatic. Can’t wait for the day when you add new catch up TV services such as ITV Player and 4OD.

  10. hi sorry to be so stupid how do I install the software upgrade to my tvonics box someone said reboot how do I do this as I only bought it recently tom

  11. 26 cris

    Hi. I’ve just upgraded the software to
    serial no tvzhd10004506
    I’ve rebooted the box and still am getting nothing when i press the red button.
    connected by cable to internet.

    • Ensure you are connected to the internet, perform a network connectivity test via the Service Menu


      • 28 cris

        As stated I am connected to the internet by cable, and it’s showing as such. However what I needed was a step by step, idiot’s guide to using your BBC Iplayer. I got this by calling up. For all those out there who, like me couldn’t access the Iplayer, here’s how to do it……..

        1, Be on BBC1 or BBC2 (SD, Not HD)
        2, Do NOT press the red button until the little Red Button “watch in HD” disappears.
        3, Now press the Red Button.
        4, Scroll down to the BBC Iplayer option.
        5, press “OK”

        It’s really simple once you do it correctly but I was constantly being redirected to the HD channel.

        All is great now.

        I also left a message asking about being able to alter the amount of time it would be possible to skip through recordings with one click. Any chance this will be considered for the next upgrade?

        Many thanks, Cris.

        • 29 cris

          Just tried the iplayer for the first time in a long time today and pressing the red button did nothing, the service seems to have disappeared. All my details are above. I have checked the wired network and it says it’s fine.

  12. 30 cris

    Further to my not getting any Iplayer, I do have something for a wish list for the next upgrade. I would really like to be able to alter and choose the amount of time I could either jump forward and back when watching a recording. I’d like the options 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 4min. Doing that would make this machine pretty much perfect in my eyes. Is this something you could do?
    All the best, Cris.

  13. I am having the no sound problem with DTR-Z500HD even after attempting more than 3 times to upgrade software through the menu and automatically. My SN is TVZHD10007105. Rev_C1. V2.0.A2058.D358.F101 Please let me know the correct procedure. If downloading from your site, how does it get into the box?

  14. 33

    hi, I have the dtr-hd 500, managed to do the software upgrade quite easily but didn’t work, tried again and it did (uploaded a slightly different version), many thanks plus-8 for providing this fix

  15. 34 Derek Smith

    I have just bought a brand new Model DTR Z500HD I bought this 21st October, there is no sound on Iplayer, plus according to the update function my firmware is up to date.
    Please assist to fix problem,
    Derek Smith.

  16. 36 Duncan

    I have the iplayer no sound problem. My model is the DTR-Z500HD Hardware version Rev_C1 Software Version V3.0.A2227.D369.F102. Please can you tell me what do do to get the sound to work. I’m using a wi-fi connection, have tried powering down and then up again and resetting the set top box but still no sound.

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