GORITE are now stocking our popular USB HDMI-CEC Adapters in the US


We are proud to announce a new partnership with GORITE, a division of Electronic Product Solutions LLC (EPS) based in Massachusetts, USA, who have begun stocking our USB HDMI-CEC Adapter this week. The company are Intel’s Innovation Partner for Intel NUC Programs, and their products are recommended by Intel.

Our USB HDMI-CEC adapter enables seamless connectivity, allowing Kodi to turn your TV and other attached equipment on and off (if they support HDMI CEC) adjust the volume or eject the disk from a drive. Start playback etc. Your TV remote can also control Kodi, or vice versa. With this device you can move that step closer to a clutter free living space. We hope that they will prove as popular in the US as they do here in Europe!

Visit www.gorite.com cec-main



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