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Between now at the end of November you can pick up our PulseBox Barebone chassis for £89.99 or £114.99 for the premium, build your own HTPC in time for Christmas with our barebones and take advantage of our tailored OpenELEC build called “Pulse” While you’re at it, why not complete the system and use our Bluetooth Micro […]

Version 1.8.0 of the libCEC library is now available on our packages site, We’ve also released a new revision of the v2 firmware for the adapter. This new libCEC release and firmware fix an issue with the wake-over-CEC feature on certain systems. We’ve also improved compatibility with CEC v1.4 devices, bumped the CEC version […]

We understand times are hard and everyone wants a HTPC, we can’t help everyone but we can make it easier for 100 lucky people. We are making 50 of each of our PulseBox Barebone systems available at a huge discount, The PulseBox – Basic,  Originally £179.99 / €215.99 / $287.98  is now only £139.99 / €167.99 / […]

libCEC Updates


If your already using our USB – CEC Adapter then you know just how revolutionary this technology is to your HTPC set up. As more people provide feedback about what works and doesn’t work with each vendor’s take on the CEC Standard we are accessing more and more of the feature set available in CEC. […]

If your running one of our PulseBoxes, then great news, version 1.1.1 is now available, an automatic update should be available to your system, changes since version 1 include: * Fixed: Issues with audio not available on all outputs at the same time * Added: System reset feature * Added: USB – CEC Adapter Support […]

It’s here, (well almost) our new HTPC system we’ve nicknamed the PulseBox, running our own slightly customised version of XBMC and including a bunch of extras you won’t get anywhere else. As promised earlier in the year, the basic box retails for just under $349 (£219) and comes with everything (if you include the Nyxboard […]

Hot off the press, we got these a few minutes ago, photos of the first sample from our HTPC system. We will have more product information soon!