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libCEC 2.0 has been released this week! This version of libCEC includes support for the Solid-Run CuBox (TDA995x) device, written by GitHub user warped-rudi. Another highlight of this release is that it includes the latest Beta3 version of the libCEC Tray Application, which you can use to control Windows Media Center via CEC. libCEC Tray […]

Another update of libCEC has just been released. You can download or upgrade your copy from This release fixes a couple of issues that were reported after the previous release: wake from S3 sometimes didn’t work when used with certain brands some buttons weren’t activated when switching to another source and switching back to […]

We are pleased to announce our latest update to libCEC, building on the changes in 1.7 we have now addressed a couple of issues users found in 1.7 and added additional support: Features: We now detect the following additional vendors, Akai, AOC, Benq, Daewoo, Grundig, Medion, Sharp and Vizio For Panasonic customers we now tell […]

TeamXBMC released the 11.0 version of XBMC codenamed Eden over the weekend, and upon return to the office on Monday we’ve been working on getting our PVR builds out, we are pleased to announce that Windows, Linux and Mac (OSX) binaries are now available for download at our packages website With the 11.0 release of […]

As we start to increase the number of pages and services that we offer to you, we’ve wanted to improve the look and feel and make them easy to navigate to. We’ve played with a few different designs and settled on this basic layout: You can see the first iteration of this on our Packages […]

XBMC-PVR update


Two weeks have passed since the last update, so it’s time for a new update and “pvr-ppa” build. The most important update is that we’ve moved away from the Ubuntu PPA to our own servers. As a result of this, your previous XBMC-PVR won’t be upgraded until you follow the instructions below. New package location […]

XBMC-PVR update


We’d like to share some things with you that we’ve been working on to create the perfect PVR experience. People who are using the PVR development branch of XBMC might already have noticed some of these changes. Automated builds The first thing we’ve worked on were automated builds of Ubuntu packages and OpenELEC images containing […]