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It’s been a while since Aeon Nox officially was updated, the mailing list got a nice surprise a couple of days ago when Big Noid requested a pull which a huge stack of changes. We should hopefully see this update in the repo in the next day or so, but in the mean time here […]



Skin’s are the most striking part of XBMC, with many users spending months debating over which one they prefer. Boxee, one of the many products based at least in part on XBMC came up with their own style and take that a lot of their crowd enjoy. Hitcher one of XBMC’s most talented Skinners lifted […]



XBMC has many skins, made by a variety of different talents, each with their own style. Stephen Paul is very into clean and striking designs, Night is just that, the font’s and imagery used are both clean and striking at the same time. This very thin font style is becoming more and more popular with […]



Ronald “Ronie” Asselman, the creator of Transparency recently joined the XBMC Development Team, and in my opinion I think about time. He is an active member of the community producing some excellent additions to XBMC. Some of the best parts are his Weather, video and music fanart packs. The Video fanart pack, includes promo image […]

SLik skin


Jezz_X is one of Team XBMC’s resident skinners. Confluence (the default user interface on XBMC) is largely built by him. SLik is one of his other projects, it’s a clean skin which is easy to navigate but still very easy on the eye. Unlike Aeon which uses very striking backgrounds, SLik takes the opposite approach […]

Aeon Nox


Aeon Nox, is one of those skin’s that you will either love or hate. Based in part on a skin produced many years ago for the original XBOX edition of XBMC, it has often been a fan favourite along side Alaska. It’s developed by XBMC user Big Noid This skin uses almost all the original […]